We Received A Great Review

death by design apparel_ indie minded feature

It is always great to be a brand spotlight on a website, means some of what I am doing is working. Death By Design Apparel was featured on Indie Minded [formally known as Tee Gazette]. Was a great review and we are thankful for it, and hope for many more like it in the future as the brand builds and more variety of apparel becomes available. If you would like to see the review head on over and check it our for yourself, just click here. As always if your going out, “Go Out In Style

death by design apparel_ indie minded feature

The Biggest Lie told to Entrepreneurs


“Good things come to those who wait”, in my opinion is the biggest lie which can be told to an entrepreneur. The truth is as an entrepreneur, “good things come to those who work their asses off and never give up”. When I started Death By Design Apparel, I was completely aware that the clothing industry is a tough one to get into, and getting exposure on a new brand is very difficult to do. The one thing I knew without a doubt, was the fact I needed to be willing to work hard and give it my all if my brand was going to succeed. Nothing was going to come easy and I wouldn’t want it that way. Granted I am not saying I have achieved a huge  level of success with the brand by any means. However, I am further ahead than I initially anticipated.  Sales have been higher than originally thought, and Death By Design Apparel as been featured on two fashion sites, Hide Your Arms, and Rare Hype Blog. With seeds planted for greater exposure, and talks of distribution in Australia. I am not writing this to to show off the progress made, rather to show the still long journey ahead, and to re-enforce the fact that none of what as happened to Death By Design Apparel, occurred by sitting on my hands and waiting for someone to find my brand. It as all happened with long sleepless nights, daily goals, email and networking and going out there and getting in front of my target audience. If you would like to see  the feature simply click here. As always, if your going out, “Go Out In StyleDeathbydesignapparel_Rare_Hype_blog_feature


Executing An Idea, Interview w/ Ronnie Fieg

Today I found myself having a conversation with an artist I have never met or spoken to before today, she goes by the name, LAINKWELL. Our conversation loosely revolved goals and how to execute them. I couldn’t help but remember a quote by Bill Withers, “…no one ever got to wonderful, without first being alright.” Simple yet very true, to become great you first go through different phases. Below is an interview of Ronnie Fieg, in this interview he speaks on how he has been able to build his brand, as well as executing ideas/goals. Hope this interview awakens creativity in you as it did me. And as always, if your going out, “Go Out In Style”

RONNIE FIEG | THE MAN BEHIND THE BRAND from Tina Catherine Eyewear+Opticians on Vimeo.

A Brief Word From, Karl Lagerfeld

Earlier on today, I posted an image on Instagram which was a quote from the renowned and amazingly talented, Karl Lagerfeld.

“I’m never content with what I do. I live in a sort of a permanent dissatisfaction. I think that’s the secret to doing things well”Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 5.34.38 PM

This quote really hit home to me. I am constantly thinking of ways to improve not only myself but the brand as well. Even as I type this I am envisioning what the next post should be? How can I captivate the readers attention, while still getting my point across? It is important to always strive for perfection, but with the understanding that there will be errors. The skill itself is learning not to repeat the same errors again, while continually developing. Which is what I aim to do as I develop this my brand. As always if your going out, “Go Out In Style”